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Call Number Guide: Score Call Numbers

Click through these call numbers to browse our shelves.

Score Call Numbers

Because of our large collection of contemporary music, many call numbers exist in two sizes, "traditional" and oversized, as indicated below. The oversized items are all ranged on the bottom shelves surrounding the rear stack area.


780: Authoritative editions of composers' complete works; facsimiles of manuscripts
780.82: Historical anthologies

782-784: VOCAL MUSIC

782: Opera, operetta, and musical theater vocal scores
    Ovrsz. 782: Oversized vocal scores
783: Large sacred choral works, vocal scores
    Ovrsz. 783
783.4: Small sacred choral works
783.6: Sacred songs
784: Non-sacred songs, including art songs
    Ovrsz. 784
784.1: Secular choral works, unaccompanied, or with original accompaniment
784.2: Secular choral works with orchestra or chamber orchestra—vocal scores
    Ovrsz. 784.2


  • The first number after the decimal point indicates whether the ensemble consists of winds, strings, or a combination.
  • The second number after the decimal point indicates the number of players.

785.1: Wind ensembles with or without piano

785.12: Duets
    Ovrsz. 785.12
785.13: Trios
    Ovrsz. 785.13
785.14: Quartets
    Ovrsz. 785.14
785.15 Quintets
    Ovrsz. 785.15
785.16: Sextets
    Ovrsz. 785.16
785.17: Septets
785.18: Octets
785.19: Nonets and larger ensembles

785.4: Small jazz ensembles; miscellaneous

785.42: Jazz compositions for families of instruments, e.g., "Bb melody instruments";
785.46: Music for unspecified instruments; chance compositions
    Ovrsz. 785.46

785.5: Mixed ensembles: string/wind, piano/string/wind, string/percussion, wind/percussion

785.52: Duets
    Ovrsz. 785.52
785.53: Trios
    Ovrsz. 785.53
785.54: Quartets
    Ovrsz. 785.54
785.55: Quintets
    Ovrsz. 785.55
785.56: Sextets
    Ovrsz. 785.56
785.57: Septets
    Ovrsz. 785.57
785.58: Octets
    Ovrsz. 785.58
785.59: Nonets and larger ensembles
    Ovrsz. 785.59

785.7: String ensembles with or without piano

785.72: Duets for two diverse instruments
    Ovrsz. 785.72
785.73: Trios
    Ovrsz. 785.73
785.74: Quartets
    Ovrsz. 785.74
785.75: Quintets
    Ovrsz. 785.75
785.76: Sextets
785.77: Septets
785.78: Octets
    Ovrsz. 785.78
785.79: Nonets and larger ensembles


786.3: Piano or harpsichord pedagogy; exercises; piano music for beginners
786.4: Solo piano or harpsichord music
    Ovrsz. 786.4
786.49: Piano or harpsichord, 4 hands
    Ovrsz. 786.49
786.492: 2 or more pianos or harpsichords (excluding concertos, which have their own call number; see below)
    Ovrsz. 786.492
786.493: Piano or harpsichord concertos, in reductions for two keyboards
    Ovrsz. 786.493
786.8: Organ music
    Ovrsz. 786.8


787.1: Violin (solo or with accompaniment; violin duets; methods; orchestral excerpts)
    Ovrsz. 787.1
787.2: Viola (solo or with accompaniment; viola duets; methods; orchestral excerpts)
    Ovrsz. 787.2
787.25: Viola da gamba
787.3: Cello (solo or with accompaniment; cello duets; methods; orchestral excerpts)
    Ovrsz. 787.3
787.4: Double bass (solo or with accompaniment; bass duets; methods; orchestral excerpts)
    Ovrsz. 787.4
787.5: Harp (solo or with accompaniment; duets; methods; orchestral excerpts)
    Ovrsz. 787.5
787.6: Guitar or lute (solo or with accompaniment; duets)
    Ovrsz. 787.6


788.1: Trumpet or cornet (solo or with accompaniment; trumpet duets; methods; orchestral excerpts)
    Ovrsz. 788.1
788.2: Trombone (solo or with accompaniment; trombone duets; methods; orchestral excerpts)
    Ovrsz. 788.2
788.4: Horn (solo or with accompaniment; horn duets; methods; orchestral excerpts)
    Ovrsz. 788.4
788.48: Tuba (solo or with accompaniment; tuba duets; methods; orchestral excerpts)
    Ovrsz. 788.48
788.5: Flute, piccolo, or recorder (solo or with accompaniment; duets; methods; orchestral excerpts)
    Ovrsz. 788.5
788.6: Clarinet (solo or with accompaniment; clarinet duets; methods; orchestral excerpts)
    Ovrsz. 788.6
788.66: Saxophone (solo or with accompaniment; sax duets; methods; orchestral excerpts)
    Ovrsz. 788.66
788.7: Oboe or English horn (solo or with accompaniment; oboe duets; methods; orchestral excerpts)
    Ovrsz. 788.7
788.8: Bassoon (solo or with accompaniment; bassoon duets; methods; orchestral excerpts)
    Ovrsz. 788.8


789: Percussion music (solo or ensemble)
    Ovrsz. 789


LG.SC.: Large full scores
    Ovrsz. LG.SC.: Oversized full scores
MIN.SC.: Miniature study scores