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Course Reserve Listening: Home

Course Reserve Listening Assignments

Most required listening assignments for individual courses are in Naxos Music Library as playlists.


For courses not in Naxos (usually because they include recordings not available there), follow the links below.

A note about Naxos Music Library: Naxos is Flash-based, and to play their recordings on many phones and tablets, you have to create a personal login for yourself, then download one of the Naxos mobile apps.


The Norton Recorded Anthology of Western Music
Because of copyright restrictions, these recordings are available in the Library on CD only: CD 27103 v.1-3

The Smithsonian Collection of Classic Jazz

The Development Of Western Music


AC2092: Accompanying Seminar (Merrill) (Naxos playlist)

DM3051: Teaching Piano in Higher Education (Olsen)

HU0001-HU0002: Freshman Humanities Lectures (Pagano)

HU0003-HU0004: Sophomore Humanities Lectures (Pagano)

JC0512: Jazz Arranging & Composition (Holober)

JC2271: Jazz Improvisation for Non-Jazz Majors (Stiles)

MH0001: Medieval and Renaissance Music (Massol)

MH0002: Baroque Music (Poghosyan) (Naxos playlist)

MH0004: 20th-Century Music (Andreacchi) (Naxos playlist)

MH1006: Beethoven to Boulez (Poghosyan) (Naxos playlist)

MH1510: Bach (Hilse) (Naxos playlist)

MH1511: History of Opera II (Langford) (Naxos playlist)

MH1530: Mozart (Langford) (Naxos playlist)

MH1531: History of Chamber Music I (Naxos playlist)

MH1532: History of Chamber Music II (Massol) (Naxos playlist)

MH1711: Wagner's Ring Cycle (Stambaugh) (Naxos playlist)

MH1712: Life & Works of Richard Wagner (Stambaugh) (Naxos playlist)

MH1913: The music of Britten (Stambaugh) (Naxos playlist)

MH2001: 20th-Century German Opera (Füting) (Naxos playlist)

MH2132: Performance Practice (Cooper) (Naxos playlist)

MH2610: Orchestral Repertoire (Massol) (Naxos playlist)

MH2620: Orchestral Repertoire (Massol) (Naxos playlist)

PN1151: Harpsichord for Pianists and Organists (Stewart)

PN1720: Bach for Pianists (Vinograde)

PN2021: Piano Literature I (Yui)

PN2022: Piano Literature II (Yui)

PN2031: The Piano Concerto (O'Donohue) (Naxos playlist)

PN2032: Advanced Piano Literature: 20th Century (de Mare) (Naxos playlist)

TH0003: Sophomore Theory (Biggs) (Naxos playlist)

TH2691: Orchestration (Macdonald) (Naxos playlist)

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