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Ebooks: An Introduction

How to use different kinds of ebooks in our collection

An Introduction

Ebooks are awfully convenient, but sometimes they can also be a little confusing because the manner in which you can use them, and the digital rights attached to them, changes title by title. If you have questions about any particular title, write to us or come see us.

As a generality, ebooks from Bloomburg, Brill, Cambridge, De Gruyter, JSTOR, Oxford, Project Muse, Taylor and Francis, and Wiley are DRM-free. There are no restrictions on the number of concurrent users or how many PDF pages you can download.

Ebsco ebooks are the most plentiful, and also the most varied in terms of restrictions. In brief, there are three ways to read Ebsco ebooks:

  1. Search, borrow, and read them using the Ebsco Mobile app. So easy--we highly recommend this! On your first use of the app, you'll be prompted to create a personal login for EBSCOhost.
  2. Find the ebooks listed in our catalog, and click the link to read them in a browser.
  3. For many titles, you are permitted to download pages as PDFs, usually up to a maximum of 100 pages per day, which you may keep and read in the ebook or PDF reader of your choice.