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Henle Library App: How to Sign Up

How to Sign Up

The Henle Library app gives you digital access to editions published by Henle--scores and parts. Read Henle's own introduction to its features, including the ability to view and annotate scores and parts, and to download and save them as PDFs.

Everyone with an MSM email account gets free access to the Henle Library.  To set up your free MSM account (unless you already have a personal account, in which case see these instructions for transferring to a free Library account):

  1. Create a login on this web page (you cannot do this step in the app itself). You must use your MSM email address as your login name, but can choose your own password.
  2. Reply to the confirmation email.
  3. Download the Henle Library app.
  4. Log in using the credentials you just created.
  5. Re-validate your account every 90 days, either by logging in or by using the app on campus. Should you fail to re-validate, your account will be blocked, and you'll have six months in which to re-establish it; after that, your account and any annotations you have made will be deleted.
  6. Upon graduating, you can keep your personal annotations and playlists by purchasing the scores they are attached to.

Henle support:

Please take a look at Henle's own instructions, with videos, for using all the features of the Henle Library app. (Just keep in mind you MUST USE our special link to sign up or log in; as described above.)