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Welcome to the Peter Jay Sharp Library

Copyright Infornation

NEW! Public Statement of Library Copyright Specialists: Fair Use and Emergency Remote Teaching and Research
Suggestions for interpreting the concept of fair use in the era of COVID-19.

Copyright and Fair Use
A useful and well-organized site from Stanford University.

A Fair(y) Use Tale
A short film by Eric Faden made entirely of clips from Disney films that cleverly both explains fair use and demonstrates it at the same time.

Music Copyright Tutorials
Three brief videos that explain the basics.

The Music Library Association
Information geared to music librarians and music library users.

The Music Publishers Association of the United States
The publishers' view of copyright. There are links to some excellent external sites for additional copyright information.

New England Conservatory Copyright Guidelines
Concise guidelines created for an institution similar to ours.

The United States Copyright Office
The ulimate authority. Don't be afraid of it--it's a well-written, well-organized website with a lot of information, forms, and practical links.

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