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The MSM Library: Course Reserves

Course Reserves

[Faculty can request items they'd like placed on course reserve here.]

Books and Scores
Titles that faculty place on course reserve for their students are kept behind the circulation desk. You may check them out for two hours (only).

Unless otherwise indicated ("local playlist"), required listening assignments for individual courses exist as playlists in Naxos Music Library. A note about Naxos Music Library: Naxos is Flash-based, and to play their recordings on many phones and tablets, you have to create a personal login for yourself, then download one of the Naxos mobile apps.

The Norton Recorded Anthology of Western Music
Because of copyright restrictions, these recordings are available in the Library on CD only: CD 27103 v.1-3
The Smithsonian Collection of Classic Jazz
The Development Of Western Music

AC2092: Accompanying Seminar (Merrill)

DM3051: Teaching Piano in Higher Education (Olsen) (local playlist)

HU0001-HU0002: Freshman Humanities Lectures (Pagano) (local playlist)

HU0003-HU0004: Sophomore Humanities Lectures (Pagano) (local playlist)

JC0512: Jazz Arranging & Composition (Holober) (local playlist)

JC2271: Jazz Improvisation for Non-Jazz Majors (Stiles) (local playlist)

MH0001: Medieval and Renaissance Music (Massol) (local playlist)

MH0002: Baroque Music (Poghosyan)

MH0004: 20th-Century Music (Andreacchi)

MH1006: Beethoven to Boulez (Poghosyan)

MH1510: Bach (Hilse)

MH1511: History of Opera II (Langford)

MH1530: Mozart (Langford)

MH1531: History of Chamber Music I

MH1532: History of Chamber Music II (Massol)

MH1711: Wagner's Ring Cycle (Stambaugh)

MH1712: Life & Works of Richard Wagner (Stambaugh)

MH1913: The music of Britten (Stambaugh)

MH2001: 20th-Century German Opera (Füting)

MH2132: Performance Practice (Cooper)

MH2610: Orchestral Repertoire (Massol)

MH2620: Orchestral Repertoire (Massol)

PN1151: Harpsichord for Pianists and Organists (Stewart) (local playlist)

PN1720: Bach for Pianists (Vinograde) (local playlist)

PN2021: Piano Literature I (Yui) (local playlist)

PN2022: Piano Literature II (Yui) (local playlist)

PN2031: The Piano Concerto (O'Donohue)

PN2032: Advanced Piano Literature: 20th Century (de Mare)

TH0003: Sophomore Theory (Biggs)

TH2691: Orchestration (Macdonald)

New in the Library

Richard Davis.
Wotan's daughter: the life of Marjorie Lawrence.
Wakefield Press, 2012.
Ebsco ebook.

Sabby Sagall.
Music and capitalism: melody, harmony, and rhythm in the modern world.
Palgrave Macmillan, 2021.
Ebsco ebook.

Boris Berman.
Notes from the pianist's bench.
Yale University Press, 2017.
Now available as a DRM-free De Gruyter ebook.

Kate Kennedy.
Dweller in shadows: a life of Ivor Gurney, war poet, composer, asylum patient.
Princeton University Press, 2021.
JSTOR ebook.

Liza Gennaro.
Making Broadway dance.
Oxford University Press, 2021.
Now available as an unlimited, DRM-free Oxford ebook.

Joan Didion.
Slouching towards Bethlehem.
Open Road Integrated Media, 2017.
Ebsco ebook.

Yuval Noah Harari.
Sapiens: a brief history of humankind.
Harper, 2015.
Ebsco ebook.

Hanno Sauer.
Moral thinking, fast and slow.
Routledge, 2018.
Taylor & Francis ebook (DRM-free).

Roosevelt Montás.
Rescuing Socrates: how the great books changed my life and why they matter for a new generation.
Princeton University Press, 2021.
JSTOR ebook (DRM-free).

Pascal Quignard,
The hatred of music.
Translated by Mathew Amos and Fredrik Ronnback.
Yale University Press, 2016.
De Gruyter book (DRM-free).

George Balanchine and Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky.
The nutcracker.
The classic New York City Ballet production, filmed live in 2011.
Watch on Medici TV.

Pierpaolo Polzonetti.
Feasting and fasting in opera: from Renaissance banquets to the Callas diet.
University of Chicago Press, 2021.
De Gruyter ebook.

Jan Marisse Huizing.
Ludwig van Beethoven, the piano sonatas: history, notation, interpretation.
Translated by Gerald R. Mettam.
Yale University Press, 2021.
JSTOR ebook.

Nirmali Fenn.
Through a glass darkly: clarinet, trumpet, accordion.
Score and parts.
Edition HH, 2010.

Patrick Zuk and Marina Frolova-Walker.
Russian music since 1917: reappraisal and rediscovery.
Oxford University Press, 2018.
Oxford Scholarship ebook.

Chen Yi.
Northern scenes: for piano.
Theodore Presser Company, 2015.

Jörg Widmann.
Sphinxensprüche und Rätselkanons = Sphinx's sayings and riddle canons : for soprano (vocalises), clarinet and piano.
Score and part.
Schott, 2015.

Richard Wright.
The man who lived underground: a novel.
Afterword by Malcolm Wright.
Library of America, 2021.

Lisa Jo Sagolla.
The girl who fell down: a biography of Joan McCracken.
Northeastern University, 2003.

A. Hossein.
Prélude et Légende persane: pour piano.
Editions Musicales Transatlantiques, 2013.

Stephen Purdy.
Flop musicals of the twenty-first century. Part I, The creatives.
Routledge, 2021.

George Harwood Phillips.
Taking a chance on love: the life and music of Vernon Duke.
University of Oklahoma Press, 2019.

Norman Mailer.
Collected essays of the 1960s.
J. Michael Lennon, editor.
The Library of America, 2018.

Ludwig van Beethoven.
Piano sonata no. 22 in F major, op. 54.
Edited by Norbert Gertsch, Murray Perahia; fingering by Murray Perahia.
G. Henle Verlag, 2019.

Arthur Schnitzler
The road into the open.
Translated by Roger Byers; introduction by Russell A. Berman.
University of California Press, 1992.

Moss Hart.
Act one: an autobiography.
Foreword by Christopher Hart.
St. Martin's Griffin, 2014.

Benjamin Verdery: a montage of a classical guitarist.
Edited by Thomas Donahue.
David Leisner is among the contributors.
Hamilton Books, 2018.
Ebsco ebook.

Heinrich Schütz.
Weihnachts-Historie = Christmas history, SWV 435.
Edited by Günter Graulich.
English version by David Johnston and Derek McCulloch.
Vocal score.
Carus-Verlag, 1988.

Gabriel Fauré.
5 impromptus.
Edited by Jean-Pierre Bartoli.
Bärenreiter, 2021.

Mel Brooks.
All about me!: my remarkable life in show business.
Ballantine Books, 2021.
Ebsco ebook.

Dueling grounds: revolution and revelation in the musical Hamilton.
Edited by Mary Jo Lodge and Paul R. Laird.
Oxford University Press, 2021.

Naji Hakim.
Sonate basque: pour piano.
Schott, 2017.

Andrew Norman.
Mine, mime, meme: for chamber ensemble.
Score and 6 parts.
Schott, 2018.

Claude Debussy.
Suite bergamasque.
Edited by Regina Back; fingering by Frederik Palme.
Bärenreiter, 2007.

Alvin Lucier
Music 109: notes on experimental music.
Foreword by Robert Ashley.
Wesleyan University Press, 2012.
Project MUSE ebook.

Samir Odeh-Tamini.
Skiá: für Klavier.
Ricordi Germany, 2017.

Alvin Lucier, editor.
Eight lectures on experimental music.
Wesleyan University Press, 2018.
Project MUSE ebook.

David Ake.
Jazz matters: sound, place, and time since bebop.
University of California Press, 2010.
Oxford Scholarship ebook.

Markus Rathey.
Bach's major vocal works: music, drama, liturgy.
Yale University Press, 2016.
De Gruyter ebook.


Jennifer Walker.
Sacred sounds, secular spaces: transforming Catholicism through the music of Third-Republic Paris.
Oxford University Press, 2021.
Oxford Scholarship ebook.

Susan McClary.
Feminine endings: music, gender, and sexuality.
University of Minnesota Press, 2002.
JSTOR ebook.

Graham Johnson.
Britten, voice and piano: lectures on the vocal music of Benjamin Britten.
Taylor and Francis, 2017.
Ebook (DRM-free).

Billy Porter.
Unprotected: a memoir.
Abrams Press, 2021.
Ebsco ebook.

Louis L. Picone.
Grant's Tomb: the epic death of Ulysses S. Grant and the making of an American Pantheon.
Arcade, 2021.
Ebsco ebook.

Fazil Say.
Yürüyen Kö┼čk : (hommage à Atatürk) = The moving mansion : concert rhapsody for piano, op. 72a.
Schott, 2018.

Beethoven's conversation books. Volume 3, nos. 17 to 31 (May 1822 to May 1823).
Edited and translated by Theodore Albrecht.
The Boydell Press, 2020.
Cambridge Core book.

Katherine Hoover.
Etudes for flute.
Papagena Press, 2011.

Sally Macarthur.
Towards a twenty-first-century feminist politics of music.
Routledge, 2016.
Francis & Taylor ebook.

Joseph Rescigno.
Conducting opera : where theater meets music.
University of North Texas Press, 2020.
Project Muse ebook.

Daniel K.L. Chua and Alexander Rehding.
Alien listening: Voyager's golden record and music from Earth.
With illustrations by Lau Kwong Shing and Takahiro Kurashima.
Zone Books, 2021.
JSTOR ebook.

Mariusz Kozak.
Enacting musical time: the bodily experience of new music.
Oxford University Press, 2020.
Oxford Scholarship ebook.

Paul A. Scolieri.
Ted Shawn: his life, writings, and dances.
Oxford University Press, 2019.
Oxford Scholarship ebook.

Julianne Lindberg.
Pal Joey: the history of a heel.
Oxford University Press, 2020.
Oxford Scholarship ebook.

Edward Elgar.
Chanson de nuit; Chanson de matin, op. 15: for violin and piano.
Edited by Rupert Marshall-Luck and Jacob Leuschner.
Score and part.
G. Henle, 2021.
Now available in the Henle Library app.

Laurenz Lütteken.
Oxford University Press, 2014.
Ebsco ebook.

Julian Woolford.
Rodgers and Hammerstein's The sound of music.
Routledge, 2020.
Taylor & Francis ebook.

Richard H. Bell.
Theology of Wagner's Ring Cycle, I: The genesis and development of the tetralogy and the appropriation of sources, artists, philosophers, and theologians.
Cascade Books, 2020.
Ebsco ebook.

Jason Mott.
Hell of a book: or the altogether factual, wholly bona fide story of a big dreams, hard luck, American-made mad kid.
Dutton, 2021.
Ebsco ebook.
National Book Award winner.

Eddie Shapiro.
A wonderful guy: conversations with the great men of musical theater.
Oxford University Press, 2021.
Ebsco ebook.

Elena Dubinets.
Russian composers abroad how they left, stayed, returned.
Indiana University Press, 2021.
JSTOR ebook.

Joan Tower.
Rising: for flute and string quartet.
Score and 5 parts.
Associated Music Publishers, Inc., 2013.

Anna Harwell Celenza.
Jazz Italian style: from its origins in New Orleans to fascist Italy and Sinatra.
Cambridge University Press, 2017.

Joe La Barbera and Charles Levin.
Times remembered: the final years of the Bill Evans Trio.
University of North Texas Press, 2021.
Ebsco ebook.

Stella Adler.
The art of acting.
Compiled and edited by Howard Kissel.
Applause Books, 2000.
Now available as a DRM-free Ebsco ebook.

Felicia Raphael Marie Barber.
A new perspective for the use of dialect in African American spirituals: history, context, and linguistics.
Foreword by André J. Thomas.
Lexington Books, 2021.
Ebsco ebook.

The Cambridge Stravinsky encyclopedia.
Edited by Edward Campbell, Peter O'Hagan.
Cambridge University Press, 2021.
Cambridge Core ebook.

Alexander Stefaniak.
Becoming Clara Schumann: performance strategies and aesthetics in the culture of the musical canon.
Indiana University Press, 2021.
JSTOR ebook.

Ways of hearing: reflections on music in 26 pieces.
Edited by Scott Burnham, Marna Seltzer, & Dorothea von Moltke.
Princeton University Press, 2021.
JSTOR ebook.

Damon Galgut.
The promise.
Europa Editions, 2021.
Ebsco ebook.
Winner of the 2021 Booker Award.

Bill Milkowski.
Ode to a tenor titan: the life and times and music of Michael Brecker.
Backbeat Books, 2021.
Ebsco ebook.

Anna Reid and Peter Petocz.
Educating musicians for sustainability.
Routledge, 2022.
Taylor & Francis ebook.

Kira Thurman.
Singing like Germans: Black musicians in the land of Bach, Beethoven, and Brahms.
Cornell University Press, 2021.
JSTOR ebook.

Robert Adelson.
Erard: a passion for the piano.
Oxford University Press, 2021.
Oxford Scholarship ebook.