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nkoda: Sign-Up Instructions

nkoda signup instructions

Once you have received, by email, the confirmation of your form submission (it might take several days), follow these instructions exactly, step by step. Do not try to create your account using nkoda’s own on-screen instructions! Those are for individual subscribers, and will not work for your free account through the MSM Library.

Have these instructions in front of you as you go, and don’t do anything that is not described here.

To create your account: ,

  1. Open the URL (web address) you were sent by email. NB: You can only use this address once. If you fail to complete the login setup, you will have to fill out the application form again and start from scratch.
  2. Enter your MSM email address and click “Get Started.”
  3. Select the "Sign Up Via Email" option (NOT the Facebook or Google option).
    • email: This must be your MSM email address.
    • password: Create a new password for yourself. It must be at least six characters long, and contain at least one upper-case letter, one digit, and one non-alphanumeric character.
  4. Click “Next.” You’ll receive a verification email in your MSM email account. Click on the link in that email to finish creating your account.

To use nkoda:

  1. Download the nkoda app to your own personal device(s):
  2. Once your download is complete, log in to the app:
    1. Click “Log In/Restore.”
    2. Choose “Or log in via email” (NOT “Institution”).
    3. Use the login credentials you just created.
  3. Upon logging in, a window asking “Continue as a member of the Manhattan School of Music?” will appear. Click “Yes.”
  4. When you view your first score, you’ll be asked to verify your phone number for security reasons. (nkoda will not use your phone number for any other purposes.) Once you’ve entered into the app the four-digit number they send to your phone, your setup is complete.

If you experience problems logging in, please contact nkoda’s support and ask them to delete your email from their system so that you can start again from the beginning: