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The New York Times: Free Subscriptions for the MSM Community

The New York Times

The Peter Jay Sharp Library is pleased to offer the MSM community complimentary access to The New York Times. It includes all features except the paper’s full crossword puzzles, which The New York Times reserves for individual subscribers.

Signing up takes only a moment.

  1. Go to this page. (If you're off-campus or using WiFi, you'll have to log in using your MSM email credentials.)
  2. When promoted, enter your MSM email address, and create a password for yourself.

That’s it! Use your login exactly as if you have a personal subscription, on the NYT website or when you download their apps. Your MSM login will expire in four years. At that time, just repeat the process above. (You may want to put a reminder in your calendar now.)

If you have already purchased a personal subscription using your MSM email address, you must cancel it before signing up again for your free account. This is most easily done by calling 1-800-698-4637. You may have to wait anywhere from an hour to a full day for the cancellation to take effect

If you prefer not to create an individual login, you can still access the complete contents of The New York Times on their website, on-campus or off-, using your usual MSM email login and this link.