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The New York Times: Home

The New York Times

The Peter Jay Sharp Library is pleased to offer the MSM community complimentary all-digital access to The New York Times.

It takes just a moment to sign up. (The Times people say it's best to use Chrome, but we haven't had heard of any problems with other browsers.)

  1. If you have already purchased a personal subscription using your MSM email address, you must cancel it before signing up again. This is most easily done by calling 1-800-698-4637. You may have to wait anywhere from an hour to a full day for the cancellation to take effect.

    Everyone else can start with Step 2:
  2. Go to this login page, and look for Manhattan School of Music in the search box.
  3. Click one of two links depending on whether you’re on campus or off; then click “Create Account.”
  4. Follow the very easy instructions to create a login using your MSM email address as the user name.

That’s all! You can use your new login exactly as if you have a personal subscription. It will work on the website and on any of The New York Times’s mobile apps (except the Crossword app). Sync your settings across platforms, save articles, search the archives back to 1851, link to your Facebook account, follow recipes on the Cooking app, listen to podcasts, try some of the very cool “immersive” (virtual reality) features—anything. There are no restrictions.

Your MSM login will expire in one year. At that time, just repeat the process above.

If you prefer not to create an individual login, you can still access the complete contents of The New York Times when you are on the MSM campus.

The Manhattan School of Music The Peter Jay Sharp Library 130 Claremont Avenue New York, NY 10027 USA